Punk priestess Leather pocket belt

  • $200.00 USD

Punk priestess Leather pocket belt - Festival belt - Detatchable pocket belt - Tribal belt - Burning man belt -leather and lace pocket belt

Gorgeous leather and lace pocket belt .. Tough, sexy but sweet .. two pockets both detachable.. one long, one wide, big enough to fit iPhone, camera, passport, cigarettes all your essentials, dont lose anything while travelling or at a festival again Strong and sturdy only the best leathers and stitching this is an investment piece that will last forever <3

Available in black w silver studs or brass :)
Sizing belt measures from smallest loop to largest 83-93 cm pocket sizes are 11x13 cm and 17 x10 cm
model is 33 inch hips
Care instructions All items are handmade with care and love please also treat with care and love to ensure longevity of this item <3

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